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Founded by Kwan Jang Nim Frederick Scott, Traditional Tang Soo Do International focuses on teaching traditional martial arts. Dedicated to preserving the art, our instructors are all proven competitors and successful school operators. We are not accepting membership at this time.

Traditional Tang Soo Do International Members

AmKor Karate Institutes

AmKor Karate Institues
Located in Pennsylvania, USA

Phoenix Tang Soo Do

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Lancashire, England
Trinity Martial Arts Logo

Trinity Martial Arts

FaceBook Page
Jackson, Mississippi
American Tang Soo Do

American Tang Soo Do
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Revolution Martial Arts

Revolution Martial Arts
Robins, Iowa
Southern Cross Tang Soo Do

Southern Cross

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Jackson, Mississippi
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Flying Dragon Dojang

No Available Page
South Africa
The Masters Tang Soo Do Academy

The Masters TSD
Honesdale, Pennsylvania
Written by KJN Frederick Scott

Traditional Korean Karate Basics

Written by one of the top Tang Soo Do instructors in the world, this book breaks down the kicks, strikes, forms, one-steps and self-defense taught in many Tang Soo Do schools today. Over 1,000 pictures that span over 192 pages demonstrate each movement, allowing you to break down the techniques at the most basic level. This is one of the most detailed, beginner level texts on Tang Soo Do to date, teaching forms up through 5th gup green belt rank (Pyung Ahn Sam Dan / Pyung Ahn #3).
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Traditional Korean Karate Basics Book
About Us
Traditional Tang Soo Do International was founded by Master Frederick Scott, 8th degree black belt. Our goal is to teach and maintain the spirit and discipline of traditional martial arts. Learn more our training and philosophies through our online videos.
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